Images from the Photography Series "The Wolf" , Year 2009

Sexual energy is a major actuator and has a power that very often cannot be ignored or controlled. 
Our sexual energy is captive within us. Our society is afraid of it on the one hand, curious about it and desirous of it on the other hand. We are all spectators and bystanders of today’s sex industry. It has a double life in contemporary society: it exists but lives invisibly behind the curtains; it is all around us but we feign ignorance and pretend to be disinterested. Two-faced, double standard, and hypocrisy are the words that characterise modern society when we talk about erotica and sex. We are living in intolerable intolerance within ourselves. Our sexual fantasies and imaginings are more vigorous and intense than that which is acceptable within the constraints of our moral and social norms or beliefs. I  embraced myself in that fantasy, to show that I adore and despise it, to show that it fulfils and frustrates me.
"Our sexual instincts are so repressed and these repressed imaginings and locked up sexual energies work so intensively in our subconscious that it manifests in extreme behaviours and mental and/or emotional disorders. Sexuality and nudity have been a taboo theme for centuries, and it exists in society as a latent obsession and the ultimate forbidden fruit. The world we live in is full of absurdities and contradictions. Male domination is significant. Being a woman who is aware of her sexuality is still taboo. I have always seen sex and erotica as facts of life. Consequently to choose this theme for my work was obvious and logical.
In my photography I am desirable. Sometimes I seduce, sometimes I am in trance, and this is juxtaposed against the latent nihilism and anarchy which is always just under the surface. I use very heavy make-up to show different facial expressions and to make it difficult to recognize myself. The portrait is always situated in the foreground and its expression is dominant. "

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