Stills from Movie  "I am Draga", duration 6:28, released 2011

I am Draga“ is a short film made as a result of my interest in how personality and its characteristics are associated with a given name and to what extent it is meaningful in defining ourselves as independent and unique individuals within society. Identity and awareness of the individual, as an independent single being of society, implies a living process that is being continually changed from one form to another, with no fixed shape, but with its amorphous state being continually altered and adapted. This gives us a chance to live and exist despite being manipulated to fit with our surroundings without us even noticing it. We are a part of reality, but not absolute reality.

During the film, I was playing with my own name “I am Draga”, which is actually the synonym for my existence and, which, symbolically, bears the meaning of my personality and my self-recognition.

Therefore, I have reached the conclusion that any person per se is an ideal illusion giving us the opportunity to comprehend ourselves as an isolated island against other people despite wondering if this is really so. We are a combination and the sum of events, feelings and experiences. Our notion about ourselves is highly layered and always interacting with our environment. What is going on inside us is always conditioned by what is going on around us.  Total personal integrity and possessing one’s own self is, therefore, absolutely impossible...

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