Images from the photography serious "Velvet & Flesh", Year 2011 

Contemporary society is dominated by the cult of beauty, rapture, pleasure and glamour while it ignores the concepts of fear, uncertainty, uneasiness and death. The less we talk about this discrepancy the more it remains in our emotional and psychological life. Our society on the one hand, has character of kitsch and terrible sweetness, but on the other hand the society seems to be more anxious, depressed and aimless. I sublimate the glamour perceptions of beauty today and I imagine the pain of the fear of death that lies in each person which I make visible through the grotesque. I describe this by using different materials and props. I use women as my subject because I understand our intense relationship with embellishment and makeup. The backgrounds of the photographs are in  cold blue colour. I decorate my models to provide the context for the irony, fear and undefeated pain we live with each day.

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